February 11, 2008

Pike Fishing at Redmond

This weekend, Rick and I went to Redmond Lake to go pike fishing. Last year we caught 3 Northern Pike the entire year, but while we were up there this weekend, we caught 6 of them. I had never caught one before so when Rick hooked one he handed me the pole so I could reel it in. It was so much fun to reel that huge fish in. As soon as Rick handed me the pole it bent down so far that I couldn't keep it up. He told me I needed to keep the pole up and I told him, "I'm trying but I can't". I finally had to just walk backwards because I couldn't reel it in. It was so much fun. That day I caught 2 and a half fish and Rick caught 3 and a half fish. We had so much fun together. The smallest fish we caught was 23 inches long and the biggest one was 25.5 inches long.

February 3, 2008

Family Night

Last week for family home evening, Rick and I found these cute wooden toys at Wal-Mart and painted them. I painted the truck and Rick painted the helicopter. It was a really simple thing to do but we had a lot of fun painting them.