March 22, 2010

Sitting up

I think Madi is going to learn how to crawl before she too long. She rolled over for the first time about a week and a half ago but she is more interested in scooting herself around on her back then trying to roll over. And then when we put her in a sitting position on our lap she just laughs and laughs and thinks it the greatest thing since milk in a bottle. We found one of these chairs for babies who are learning how to sit up and she loves it. She likes to go in it first thing in the morning while we eat our breakfast, as you can tell from her bed-head hair-do. After a while of sitting in it though, her little neck gets tired and she slowly falls over and rests her head on the side. Isn't she a doll!

Smiles and Laughs

Our memory card is so full of pictures of Madi. We haven't gotten this much use out of our camera since we bought it. But when you see this cute little baby looking up at you with a big grin on her face you can't help but want to take a picture of it everytime so you can show everyone who didn't get to see it. Sometimes I think Madi is going to have permanant "flash spots" in front of her eyes from all the pictures. But she is so good about it and will usually put up with it long enough for mom and dad to get several good pictures. Here are some of our favorites.

New Love

Since birth, Madi has rejected her pacifier. She refuses to suck on it more then about 5 seconds. She would rather suck on her hands and has at one point put her entire fist in her mouth. Over the past several weeks she has found a new love; her blanket. She loves this pink fuzzy blanket that someone gave us that they used for their kids. She won't go to bed without it and she has to have it with her if we go anywhere. Even if she is hot she will cry until we give it to her. I thought that babies didn't get attatched to things like this until they were older, but if it makes her happy I say go for it. Plus how can you take a blanket away from her when she is sleeping when she looks this cute with it.

March 15, 2010

Birthday Parties

Madi is already quite the little social butterfly. And we can already tell that she is going to be a heartbreaker. Just in the past month she has been invited to two birthday parties both of which were for little boys. When we first walked into the house and sat down, the birthday boy went right over to her and gave her a hug. Then he just held her in his arms. His parents were so shocked. They said that he has never done that before to anyone. It was so sweet! But that just goes to show that we are going to have to watch those boys when she gets older.