December 30, 2007

The Best Gingerbread House

It is tradition in our family to make a Gingerbread house every year for Christmas. We all put on different parts of it so it was a mixture of all of our ideas. We had a pond in the back of the house with horses around it, there was a rock candy path and a wood pill. My sister Sarah took a garlic press and pressed green gum drops in it to make all the bushes along the path. We also had a fence made of pretzels, and the finishing touch was the roof made with Neccos. It was fun to see everyone's ideas come together to make a very unique gingerbread house.

Our First Christmas

This year, Rick and I had Christmas at the Gudmundson's house. We left the Saturday before Christmas and then came back to Provo the Wednesday night after Christmas. On Friday night before we left to go up to Mendon, Rick and I had our own little Christmas. Rick got me a really nice sewing machine and a blue bathrobe with matching slippers. He also got me a lot of smelly good things from Bath and Body Works and a Zip Zap RC car. I got Rick and new boat motor, walkie talkies, and (with the help of his parents and grandparents) and new gun that his has wanted for about 5 years. It's a Springfield Armory XD 45 ACP. We both had a great Christmas together and it was also fun to be able to spend some time with my family. Although, we did miss seeing Rick's family too, we were able to talk to them over the phone and wish them a Merry Christmas.

Rick's Choir Concert

On December 8th, Rick had a choir concert for school. His choir sang about 10 different songs and some of them were in Latin. It was different for me to go to a choir concert and not be the one singing. But it was fun to be in the audience and not having to worry about performing. It was also a good experience for Rick to be able to be a part of a choir and to preform for me.

December 6, 2007

Lights at Temple Square

This past weekend Rick and I met my parents and sisters up in Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square. The lights were so pretty, but the temple was the most beautiful thing there. While we were up there, we also had the chance to see Savior of the World. It was such a wonderful experience to be up there with the Gudmundson family and to also feel the spirit. We are so grateful that we live so close to be able to go to Temple Square every year for Christmas.

December 2, 2007

Provo's First Big Snow Fall

This weekend Provo got its first big snow fall. It was so nice to finally have snow along with all the cold weather. It is finally starting to feel like Christmas is here. We went down to a park so that we could get some good pictures of the trees with snow all over them.