January 17, 2011

Dancing to Tarzan

We bought Tarzan the other night and we put it on for Madi last night to watch. When it got to the 'Trashin' the Camp' song Madi started dancing and it was so funny, so I had to record it and post it so you could see it. It is so cute! She loves music and she loves to dance! She will even start to hum or sing a little song she made up every once in a while too.

Baking Already?

Madi wanted to help mommy bake cookies for daddy on Friday night. She watched very intently from mommy's hip while mommy tried very hard to blend the butter and sugar. Then she wanted to see just how to get that flour all smoothed in just right. She wouldn't stand to be put on the ground because she didn't want to miss one second of the process. She even had to taste test the chocolate chips to make sure they were "Madi approved" so daddy won't be disappointed with the cookies. Then once they went in the oven she had to keep a close eye on them so they won't burn. Every few seconds they had to be checked until they were perfect. Then came the real test...did they past the taste test? Sure enough, Madi approved them even with all the little lumps that got left in them because mommy wasn't able to smooth the batter out with Madi on her hip. But they were still good. And Madi was an excellent helper!

January 10, 2011

Christmas at Last

We finally made it to Christmas. Rick and I had so much fun this year buying gift for Madi. We took her to the store with us and walked down the isles with her. When she saw something she liked she pointed to it. Rick worked until 7am Christmas morning and when he got home he helped me finish wrapping Madi's gifts. After that we woke Madi up and showed her all her presents. She was so excited but wasn't sure what to think of them all. But then we showed her what to do and she got really excited.

She didn't like the fact that she had to finish up with one toy and move on to opening another o fast. She liked taking her time with each new toy and figuring out how each of them worked before she moved on. But we helped her move on at a little faster of a pace because otherwise we never would have made it through in one day. She had so much fun with all her new toys. We let her play for a little while and then we packed a few of her favorites and then headed up to Pennsylvania for the rest of the weekend.

This is me on Christmas. I don't have a picture of it on here, but Rick got me a really nice sewing table for Christmas. I had been using the kitchen table since we got married to sew on so it has been really nice to have my own place to sew and keep my things. Now we can actually have dinner there which hasn't really happened since we were married, so we are still trying to get used to it. Usually we eat floor or couch style.

And here is Rick after his 10 hour all night shift. What a trooper! He even stayed up to drive up to Pennsylvania that day and have lunch with the family. He finally couldn't stand it any longer by mid-afternoon so he crashed. I was able to get him his very first RC boat for Christmas. He was so excited. The only problem is all the places that he could drive it are frozen over right now so he can't use it and so he is going crazy with it sitting in the box. But he will have fun when the spring comes around.

January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Madi!!!

Has it really been a year? Wow that went fast! Our little pumpkin is growing up so fast. She has been such a joy to have in our home and we are so blessed to have her. We started her birthday celebration by going to the DC temple to see a violin performance of Jenny Oaks Baker with Rick's parents and his sister Becky's family. Afterwards we looked at the lights and then piled in the car and cranked up the heat. Then Nana, Pappy and Aunt Beaky and Uncle Greg gave Madi her Birthday gifts and she made out like a bandit. She got a singing and talking pony she could ride, a ladybug pillow pet, a frosty movie, a new cell phone and a little-people carriage and pony. She couldn't wait to get home so she could play!

She was so excited to be able to ride her pony that she started to ride everything, even her new pillow pet. She has even attempted to ride the cats several times and succeeded once.

Look at that smile! She loves her new pony. And she has even figured out how to make it sing on her own by pressing the ears.

This cake was mommy's fun thing to do for Madi's birthday. I always got special cakes on my birthday as a kid so I wanted to make a special cake for Madi on her birthday. It was so much fun to make and Madi loved it. If you look close you will see her hand coming in the picture. I wasn't fast enough to stop her so she got a handful of frosting and I had to fix the cake before daddy saw it so it would be ready for the big moment.

Mommy and Madi getting ready to blow out the candle.
The things you get to do on your birthday that you couldn't get away with any other day of the year. Mom even got a slap of frosting to the face during a picture, and Madi still got away with it.
Madi's big Birthday gift. She fell in love with this 4 and a half foot caterpillar the moment she saw it in the store. She loves him so much and was so excited when she opened the box and he was inside.

This is a normal position for her to put him in or for us to find her in when we give her a bottle or sippy cup. She will also randomly walk over and hug his head when she is playing and then go back to whatever she is doing. It is so sweet! Happy Birthday Madi! We love you and can't wait to see what this coming year has in store for us!

January 3, 2011

December Happenings

December was a very busy month for us. We were able to go out to Utah for a week and and see the family. My sister Jodie got married for time and all eternity to Brian Scruggs. He is a really great guy and they both seem very happy together. We haven't had the opportunity we would like to get to know him real well being out in Virginia but we are glad that he is apart of our family and look forward to many years of "family bonding time" with him. Welcome to the fam Brian....
It was a COLD day with LOTS of coatless pictures but it will be a moment they will never forget...and a cold it took a month to get over. But it's worth it right...well for them it is, because I still have a cough. But for them I would do it again but I would request a warmer dress.

After the wedding we headed down to see Rick's sister Kathy and her family. I don't know who got attacked worse, Madi or the dog. They had so much fun together. Madi had someone to play with that was her size and the dog had someone who never got tired of playing. I think that was the first time the dog actually got worn out.

First time playing in the snow. Madi loves the snow. She was walking all over in it. We didn't get that much this year and I think winter might be over. We only got about 2-3 inches but the whole city shut down for two days. (Sad I know) But we enjoyed what we got. And if you look close in the background you will see that Rick is driving an RC car through the snow but stopped long enough to take a picture. I actually let him drive my truck because it is 4x4 and he hasn't gotten his Christmas present yet...
....more to come soon.

Madi's Adventures

Madi has been growing so fast and she has become little miss personality. She has a "look out world here I come" attitude and, heaven help us, she has already reached her "terrible twos" stage. But we love her to pieces and wouldn't trade her for anything. She is our whole world and life is so much more enjoyable with her being our spice of life. But it isn't uncommon for us to find her in very unusual places doing really wierd things. These are just a few pictures where we have been able to "catch her in the act".
Madi and her night-light man

I have no idea what she was doing here other then playing with my brush. She was studying my brush very intently and I wanted to get a picture but she looked up at the last second and this is what the picture came out as. And I love it!

This is a regular accurance at our house. My kitchen floor is always a mess. My tuperware cabinet is always empty and my floor is always full. The other day I came in and she was sitting in my crockpot and the cat was on the shelf behind her.

Madi loves our fish! If you ask her where the fish are she will point at the aquarium. About a month and a half ago she managed to figure out a way to see into the aquarium without mommy's help. This week she has figured out how to climb onto the couch to look at them. But now she wants on top of the aquarium so we may have to adjust a few things to keep her and the fish safe.