June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Rick got a nice gift for Father's Day, he was the only one who wasn't sick. But unfotunately that meant he was the only one that went to church for Father's Day too. But even though Madi and I were sick we still surprised him Sunday morning. Here is Madi sporting her Father's Day attire. We woke daddy up so that's why he still has bed head. And that's before I cut his hair too.
For Father's Day we went to the park to play with Rick's RC plane. It was really neat to watch him do barrel rolls and loops. He is getting really good at flying it. He was even attacked a few times by a bird but still managed to keep it flying. Doesn't he looks so handsome in this picture?!?! We have worked really hard the past several months to get back into shape after we both gained the baby weight. Rick has lost about 32 pounds and I have lost 21. We feel so good!

I had to throw in this picture. I think it is so funny! Anytime one of the cats walks by, Madi gets all excited and starts laughing. They will normally come right up to her but last night Tink was having a stare down with Madi because Madi had pulled out some of her fur. Tink loves Madi but wasn't too excited about getting close enought to be touched again. At least not until her skin healed where the fur was pulled out.

The Many Faces of a Baby

Madi has been trying out lots of new faces the past several weeks. Her favorite is the nose wrinkle. She will either wrinkle her nose and laugh or she will wrinkle her nose and breath in and out really fast. She has even snorted a few times when she has done this. She also inhales really deeply making herself squeek. It is hilarious and sometimes she gets her squeek so high that the cats run out of the room. I think it hurts their ears.
Here she is giving me the "I didn't do anything mom. I'm innocent" look. She is already practicing for when she is a teenager. She is also starting to look away and "ignore" us when we try and talk to her. But even though she is looking away she is sitting there smiling trying not to seem interested in us. But then she gives in a gives us a big hug. She is so sweet.
I love this picture! It reminds me of the line from the Wizard of Oz "I'll get you my pretty!!" We love our baby girl. She is so entertaining.

June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We took a much needed trip up to Pennsylvania to celebrate Memorial Day. While we were up there Madi was given some dolls that Rick's pappy wanted her to have that belonged to grandma. Madi loved the dolls! Raggedie Ann and Andy became her crib buddies and she plays with them everyday. Yesterday I found her asleep on the living room floor with her arm around Andy's neck. She loves to just sit and talk to them. It is so sweet!

We went to a hunting/fishing club that we are members of to do a little fishing. We decided to take Madi and break her in for fishing as early as possible. Even with an umbrella and shade we still managed to get sunburned, even Madi. But she was a trooper and stayed out with us for quite a while. It was a lot of fun. We even had some success. We caught sunfish, bass, and perch.

I took this right before Rick hooked a fish, but he lost it because he was trying to smile for the camera. But not soon after he caught another one.

This is my catch of the day. It is little but I finally caught it. I was losing worms right, left, and center all day. The fish would snatch it off and I would miss them. But I finally got one.

Madi had a good day but was a little unsure about the whole fish thing. She couldn't quite figure out what it was and what the point of it was. She wanted to touch it but in the end decided she didn't want it any closer then arm's length. Maybe in a little while she will be pulling in fish of her own. It was a great weekend and very relaxing. Rick's dad even reached a goal. He shot his very first turkey. Congrates to everyone and their successful hunting/fishing weekend. We look forward to some more fishing this summer.