April 10, 2008

A Break at Last

Life has calmed down a lot since my surgery. Rick is coming to the end of his time at BYU. He will be graduating in two weeks!!! We both can't believe it is already here. He received a position with the City of Saratoga Springs here in Utah. It is only about 30 minutes away from where we live now. They actually wanted him to start working before he graduates, so this week is his first week in the post-college work force. It is a huge change for him but he loves having a real job where he is actually helping to better a community. (And where he doesn't have to worry about homework.) He has already had the chance to review projects that are in progess in the city and set some guidelines that need to be followed in order for them to be approved. He is excited about putting everything that he has learned in school to use in a real world setting, not just for class assignments.

It is nice to be out of the time of uncertainty. We finally feel like things have settled into a pretty set course and are beginning to move forward. We are going to stay in Provo until about August, then we will probably be looking into moving to Lehi or American Fork so that Rick can be closer to his job but so that I can still work at my job down in Provo.

The past month and few weeks has really had its downs but it has also had its ups that are far out weighing the downs. It is hard to see the blessings when you are going through challenges but we can definatley see how blessed we have been the past two months. Thank you for your prayers and support! We love you all!