August 5, 2008

Happy One Year!!

We can't believe that it has gone by this fast! Yesterday was our one year anniversary. We have actually been celebrating since Thursday though. I picked up Rick's gift that day and couldn't wait to give it to him so we exchanged gifts that day. I got him a photo album that had everything that we had done in it since we had gotten married. It was really fun to see the finished product because I had been working on it since the beginning of October last year. Rick got me a really nice white gold necklace with a pink flower pendent on it. It was beautiful and I loved it. And then on Saturday we hiked to Timp cave together. And can I just tell you that that killed me!! That is a lot harder to hike then I thought, or maybe I am just really out of shape. But it was a lot of good excercise and it was really cool to see the cave. It was about a three mile round trip up and back. We were so tired at the end but we had a really good time. And then tonight we had our dinner together. It was a great few days of anniversary celebration together. We still can't believe that it has gone by that fast already but it has been wonderful and we look forward to the rest of our lives together.