February 17, 2010

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Finally some recent pictures of Madi

Spending time with Mom
I was hoping this was a sign that it was nap time, but she was too interested in other things to sleep.

Madi's First Bath
She loves getting baths! She doesn't cry once during the entire thing even if she has a quivering jaw from being cold.

Going on a walk with Mom and Dad
Her Sleepy Wrap mom carries her in puts her to sleep everytime
Spending time with Dad after his long 12 hour shift at work

She loves her Boppy pillow
And she loves sticking her tougue out at mom (hopefully she grows out of that before she uses it for something other then being cute)
She hates dresses because she doesn't like her legs to be bare and she hates anything on her head but I was able to get her to smile for me even in a dress and head band.
Our Kitties love Madi so much! They are always so careful not to get on her or in her face. But sometimes when we hold her they like to come up and snuggle. And our black cat, Zac, is the most concerned about her. He will come and get us if she starts to cry and then he will go and sit next to her until we come out and get her.

But they do like having mom and dad all to themselves sometimes too with no baby in our lap.

Madi's belated Christmas gift, a bouncer. She loves it because she is quite the little kicker, as I first discovered when I was pregnant with her. I don't think my ribs will ever be the same. Oh well, she is worth it.

February 16, 2010

Our New Addition

I know, I know. It took long enough to get pictures on here. I don't have most of them but I do have the ones from her first few days of life. I will try and get some more from home to post on here. This link will take you to the pictures they took of her while she was in the hospital. The labor and delivery went very smoothly. And I would much rather go through labor and delivery then 9 months of being pregnant! Well, as long as I can get that amazing epidural. My labor last only about 5 and a half hours and after 21 minutes of pushing she was here.

Madaline Coline Kaiser
Dec 24, 2009 5:56 pm
7 lbs. 11 oz
20 inches long