February 14, 2011

Snow and Cookies

We finally got a big snow storm here and Rick was so excited because he got to drive his new monster truck through the snow. While we were outside Rick wanted me to record him driving through the snow. So I put Madi down thinking she would stay close since it was snowing and it was cold. I recorded for a minute and then turned the camera off and looked down to find Madi had decided to go on her own adventure through the snow. She was not afraid of the snow and the cold didn't really seem to bother her too much. I ran and picked her up and set her back down next to me and she started off again through the snow. She is just like her daddy, they both love the snow.

Of course with all the snow and cold the best thing to do is to make cookies. And Madi loves to help with anything mommy is doing, especially cookies! She tested the sugar to make sure it was sweet enough. She licked the peanut butter jar clean. And she even checked the chocolate chips to make sure the passed the "girl test". And as you can see, she loved every minute of it.

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Jenni said...

"Pass the 'girl test'", that's adorable Michelle. I want to be your daughter...you make being a mom sound fun. And with all the cookies you guys make it's amazing you stay looking so slim. I'm jealous. ;)