March 25, 2011

The Windows of Heaven

When you pray miracles really do happen. Especially when you are doing all that you can do to follow the Lord's plan. This past week Rick and I found out that Rick was accepted into the assistantship program for grad school so his entire education will be paid for and the University will also give him a paycheck on top of that to do some web development and other research for the Geography Department while he is attending school. We never thought that the University would pay Rick to go back to school. That has relieved so much stress and is a huge blessing.

Now we just have to get through the big move next week. Yikes! How does Madi have so much stuff? How do WE have so much stuff?!?! Where has it all been hiding for the past 2.5 years?!?!

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Jodie said...

Congratulations again you two. I'm so excited for you. I hope the move went well. When do you start you're new job Michelle?