June 14, 2011

Air Show at Andrew's Air Force Base

A few weekends ago we were able to go to Andrew's Air Force Base close to DC and see their annual Air Show. We were parked at the Redskin's Football Statium and were taxed in on buses after we went through a military security screening. We spent the entire day on base watching the planes and different shows they put on.

Madi loved see all the planes and when she would hear one she would look into the sky and point and say "dat dat". And then when it would go by low she would say "ohhh".

This was one of Madi's favorite spots. She had a ball sitting in the seats on the sides of the big cargo planes. She even buckled herself in and was ready to go. There were lots of tears when we had to leave. But we found several planes with seats on the side she could sit on.

This is the inside of one of the smaller cargo planes. The big one could fit an entire house inside. It reminded me of the move that they take an elephant to a village in Africa and have to drop it out the back of a big plane like this.

The crowning jewel of the entire show, at least for Rick. His favorite plane, the P51-D Mustang. He has an RC model of this plane and he was so excited they had it displayed. He was also surprised when they decided to fly it in the show. It was so fast and nimble and really neat to see doing all the manuvers. They had lots of planes and jets flying and doing tricks. And they also has parichuters and other odds and end displays. Rick would be a better person to tell you all the things that were there. But at the end of the day we were dead tired, sunburned and ready to come home. But it was a very neat and fun day! Hopefully we will be able to do it again next year.

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Jenni said...

What a fun family activity for the Kaisers. This air show sounded like it was A LOT of laughs and smiles. I'm totally jealous and want to go with you next time.